Operation Vet Strong founder, Todd Woodfill, is a veteran who served in the middle east and Asia.  He comes from a long line of military veterans and has a passion for serving those who have served us.  His ability to connect and reach the hearts of our active duty soldiers and veterans makes him extremely effective.

Whether focusing on mental health, PTS (PTSD), or suicide prevention, Todd has positioned Operation Vet Strong to be a pivotal player is saving our soldiers and veterans.  Never one to focus on receiving the attention, Todd realized that our Foundation would never be able to solve all of the needs of our heroes so instead has continued to build relationships and alliances with other non-profits and military groups so that we can refer those to receive their needed help.

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker at your event or conference or want to host a session to teach others more about the mental health and suicide concerns for our active duty and veterans... we have the speakers to handle your needs who have a passion for motivating and educating others on the issues our heroes are struggling with.

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